Is Fake Tan Bad for Your Skin?

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Customers often wonder, is fake tan bad for your skin? We’re all striving to achieve that golden, sun-kissed glow, which isn’t always feasible all year round. Fortunately, fake tans come to our rescue. But we don’t have sunbeds lying around our house, and we want to moderate our UV exposure. So what about fake tan lotions?

Is Fake Tan Bad for You?

The short answer is no – and here’s why. Fake tan products, like those offered by us at Beau Bronzage, do not expose your skin to the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. It’s well known that traditional tanning methods via unregulated exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage the skin if used in excess. They accelerate skin ageing, lead to sunspots, and, worst of all, increase the risk of skin cancer. However, the narrative changes when it comes to fake tans.

Unlike traditional tanning, fake tans work on the skin’s top layer and do not involve harmful UV radiation, providing an equally radiant tan with far less risk. Fake tan provides a safer alternative for achieving a golden complexion.

Is the DHA In Fake Tan Safe?

Self-tanning products use an active ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA reacts with the top layer of your skin to darken its colour temporarily, mimicking the sun-tanned look. It doesn’t penetrate beyond the outermost layer or stimulate melanin production like the sun or sunbeds.

Plus, Beau Bronzage’s products are formulated with organic DHA, a naturally derived ingredient from sugar beets, making them even safer for regular use. However, while DHA is approved by regulators and is generally safe, it can cause a reaction in some individuals who have sensitive skin.

Nurturing Your Skin with a Patch Test

Given the potential sensitivity to DHA, it’s crucial to carry out a patch test before going all in with the full-body tanning product. Doing a patch test will ensure your skin isn’t sensitive to DHA and helps avoid any allergic reactions, skin irritations, or unpleasant surprises. To perform a patch test, simply apply a small amount of the product on a discreet area of the skin and wait for 24 hours. If no reaction occurs, it’s safe to assume you can apply the product as desired.

Are Spray Tans Also Safe?

A spray tan, despite using the same DHA compound, differs from self-tanning creams and lotions due to its application process. The concern with spray tans usually lies in inhalation or ingestion of DHA rather than its contact with your skin. If you apply it responsibly, spray tans are much safer than the traditional alternatives. Just make sure you follow instructions from the consultant. If you need more guidance, we have a whole article on what to do during a spray tan here.

What If I Still Have Concerns?

Here’s some reassurance  studies have consistently found that DHA-based fake tan is a much safer option compared to sunbathing or UV tanning beds. The major risk involved in fake tanning is skin dehydration. Fake tan can dry out your skin if it doesn’t have additional moisturising ingredients.

But at Beau Bronzage, we focus on providing an experience that enhances skin health. We create fake tan products infused with moisturising elements to keep your skin hydrated, ensuring it not only looks good but also feels great.  Alongside its ability to impart a naturally bronzed, sun-kissed look, our products offer impressive moisturisation benefits, including:

  • Nourished and Revitalised Skin – Beyond simply providing hydration, our solution also comes loaded with vitamins A, C and E. These essential nutrients not only help protect the skin but nourish and rejuvenate it, providing a second layer of benefits alongside the deep moisturisation. Your skin gets all it needs to maintain that glowing tan, along with healthier, stronger, and more resilient skin cells.
  • Delayed Signs of Ageing – Consistent hydration can drastically improve your skin’s elasticity, making it look younger and more radiant. By supplying a steady surge of moisture, Beau Bronzage aids in keeping the skin firm and elastic. You’ll find fewer signs of premature ageing and will retain the youthfulness and vibrance that you love.
  • Enhanced Tan Longevity – Proper moisturisation also aids the longevity of your fake tan, meaning you can enjoy your bronzed glow for longer. Moisturised skin can hold the tan better, and it fades evenly, maintaining the gorgeous bronze effect for an extended period.

Embracing Radiance with Confidence

The question “Is fake tan bad for you?” becomes less daunting when armed with the knowledge that reputable brands, like Beau Bronzage, prioritise the safety and well-being of their users. Instead of potentially harmful UV rays, Beau Bronzage uses a skin-safe DHA-based formulation to give you that enviable glow without risking your health. By incorporating moisturising ingredients and essential nutrients, our products also nurture and protect your skin.

So why wait? It’s time to let go of the question: are fake tans bad for your skin? And instead, start enjoying a safe and gorgeous tan regardless of the unpredictable UK weather. Browse our tanning products now and embrace a radiant, sun-kissed glow with confidence.

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