Can You Shave Before or After a Fake Tan?

This is part of our complete guide on how to apply fake tan.

Whether you’re applying a self-tanning product at home or attending a spray tanning appointment, you probably want to know whether to shave before or after fake tanning. Makes sense, right? The last thing you want when you’ve spent time on a tan is to end up with patchy, uneven colour due to shaving. So, let’s explore the topic and find out how you can keep your skin smooth while applying the right colour to it.

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Shaving Before Fake Tanning

When it comes to shaving before your spray tan, ideally, it’s best to shave at least 24 hours beforehand. If you must shave closer to your appointment, make sure to end your shower with a cold rinse to close your pores. Shaving too close to your appointment increases the risk of a streaky and patchy tan because razors leave a film on your skin that hampers the solution’s adherence.

Here are some additional tips to prepare for your spray tan appointment:

  • Schedule any beauty services like nails or eyelash extensions before your spray tan.
  • Wax at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to let the skin fully recover.
  • Exfoliate in the shower at least 4 hours ahead of your spray tan to promote better solution adhesion.
  • Remember to finish your shower with a cold rinse to prepare your skin.
  • Use an oil-free, organic exfoliator for the best results.
  • Arrive at your appointment without wearing any lotions or makeup.
  • Choose dark, loose-fitting clothing to wear during your spray tan.

We have more tips on prepping for a spray tan here.

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Shaving After Fake Tanning

Here are a few tips for shaving after a spray tan:

  • Select a fresh razor, as it will cause less skin irritation and won’t remove as much of the tanning solution.
  • Wait at least 8 hours after your spray tan before shaving for the first time.
  • Instead of traditional shaving cream, use an oil-free moisturising body wash. Most shaving creams on the market contain alcohol and harsh detergents that can strip your tan. You can also find lotions specifically designed for post-spray tan use.
  • Shave gently, avoiding excessive pressure. The lighter the shave, the less exfoliation it will cause.
  • Don’t shave too frequently.

Whether you can shave after a spray tan shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind. There are several post-tan care tips you should know to maximise your tan. We have more tips on fake tan after care here.

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Achieving a stunning fake tan doesn’t have to come at the cost of sacrificing your smooth skin. By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your fake tan looks even and lasts longer. Remember to follow the instructions on your self-tanning product label or spray tanning technician’s advice for the best results. And, if you’re looking for the best self-tan mousse, why not head over to the Beau Bronzage website? Our products are top quality and will provide you with a gorgeous, natural-looking tan.

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