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So, you’ve finally got the perfect fake tan or spray tan. Congrats! But, before you get excited about flaunting your new radiant glow, you need to know how to take care of it. Remember, a good fake tan is only as good as the aftercare. This is why we created this ultimate guide to fake tan after care. Whether you use self-tanning products at home or visit a salon for spray tans, this guide has everything you need to know to make it last longer.

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What to Do After a Spray Tan

After getting a spray tan, there are a few things you should avoid to make it last longer. Avoid activities that make you sweat for at least 24 hours. This includes anything that raises your body temperature, such as working out, going to the sauna or taking hot baths/showers. It’s also important to avoid swimming or getting wet for at least 8 hours after the spray tan. When you finally take a shower, use lukewarm water, and avoid using soap or harsh shower gels. Pat yourself dry with a towel and avoid rubbing your skin. Moisturise your skin generously after showering to prevent dryness and cracking.

Can I Sit Down After a Spray Tan?

Yes, you can sit down and relax after getting a spray tan. However, it’s important to avoid sitting on areas that may rub against your skin, such as leather chairs, for at least 6 hours. This is to prevent any transfer of the spray tan to the chair. If you need to sit down, it’s best to use a towel or cloth to sit on.

How Long Does Fake Tan Take to Dry?

The time it takes for fake tan to dry varies depending on the product used. Self-tanning products typically dry within a few minutes to an hour. For spray tans, the drying time may vary depending on the type of spray tan used and the skin’s moisture level. Generally, a spray tan will dry within 10 minutes after application. However, we recommend waiting at least 5 minutes before getting dressed to avoid smudging or staining your clothes.

How to Dry Fake Tan Quickly

The drying process of self-tanning lotions and sprays can be a bit tricky. It is necessary to give the product time to absorb into the skin adequately. But we also want to avoid smudging and transferring of the product. The best way to speed up the drying process is to use a blow-dryer on cool air mode. It will help to dry the product faster and avoid any transfer onto fabrics. Also, opt for looser fitting clothes that won’t rub against the application areas to avoid any patchiness and to allow your skin to breathe.

How Long Does Fake Tan Take to Develop?

Every self-tanning lotion and spray has its own developing time, but you should always wait for it to dry completely before you put on clothes or do any activity. For most self-tanning products, you will need to wait six to eight hours before showering or anything that causes sweating. For instant tanning lotions, the wait time may only be a few hours, sometimes even less. Pay attention to the recommended development time and you’ll get the best results without streaking or orange colouration.

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Can You Go to the Beach After a Spray Tan?

Although it can be tempting to show off your gorgeous tan on the beach, it is not recommended to expose yourself to seawater, sand, or any other type of ocean spray after a spray tan. The salt in seawater tends to breakdown the DHA found in spray-tan solutions leading to inconsistent results. Furthermore, the sand can ensure your tan ends up patchy and streaky if rubbed against. Wait the required amount of time specified by your spray tan professional and avoid any seaside activity for best results.

How and When to Shower After a Spray Tan

After getting your spray tan, you should avoid showering or bathing for at least 8 hours. This will allow the tan to fully develop on your skin, and washing too soon may result in an uneven tan. Remember to use lukewarm water instead of hot water and avoid products containing soap or fragrances. When it’s time to shower, use a pH-balanced shower gel or mild soap to avoid the tan from fading too quickly. Pat yourself dry instead of rubbing after showering and try to wear loose and comfortable clothing until the tan is fully set.

Can I Shave After a Spray Tan?

While shaving is not prohibited after a spray tan, it can alter the tan’s overall finish. Shaving can be particularly challenging with self-tanning products as the blades can strip the product from the skin. However, if you must shave, here are some tips to keep your tan looking flawless:

  1. Wait: Avoid shaving until your tan is fully set. Shaving can remove the tan if done too soon. It is best to wait at least 24 hours for the tan to adhere fully to the skin.
  2. Use a sharp razor: Make sure you use a fresh and sharp razor to minimise razor burn and bumps.
  3. Soften the Skin: Before shaving, use a moisturising shaving cream or oil to soften the skin. This will let the razor glide smoothly over the skin, without stripping off the tan.
  4. Shave gently: As much as possible, avoid pressing too hard. Shave gently and carefully over the tanned area to reduce the chances of the tan being wiped away.
  5. Moisturise after shaving: After shaving, moisturise with a gradual tanner. This will keep the skin soft and supple, prevent the tan from cracking or peeling off and make the tan last longer.

See our post Can You Shave Before or After a Fake Tan? for more information.

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Maintaining that perfect sun-kissed glow is hard work. It’s essential to follow these tips and tricks when it comes to post-spray tan care to maintain your tan for as long as possible. Showering and shaving are part of our daily routine, but they must be done appropriately when you have a spray tan. Practising proper aftercare will ensure your tan lasts longer, looks more beautiful and ensure it fades evenly. Remember to take care of your skin properly, and you’ll enjoy your pristine faux sun-kissed glow for weeks to come. Visit the Beau Bronzage website today for the best products!

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